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. a woman and two kids badly hurt as they are hit by a car and the driver takes off afterwards. they find the car and police are hoping to be led to an arrest. we are live in los gatos where there is an explosive debate over gun control and the
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opening of a gun store here. we will tell you what the town is doing about it. >> also, we will tell you why this is a big day in the battle of medical marijuana. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are ready, good morning, it is tuesday february 5th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, let's start with steve paulson, a lot of fog today? >> fog down in the deck low clouds and boy i will tell you it is making a strong surge helped along by a weak cold front and temperatures are staying very cool here, mainly 50s. good morning 101 traffic heading to the toll plaza and no problems as you head to the san mateo heading to the high-
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rise and over to 101 let's go back to dave and pam. police are searching for the hit-and-run driver who hit a mother and two children. it happened on crest view drive in pittsburgh. alex savage is there to tell us about the discovery which could lead to an arrest, alex? >> reporter: investigators were able to find the car they believed was involved in the crash but the driver is nowhere to be found. a mother and two children were making their way across and came here to crest view drive and they were in this crosswalk when the car ploughed into them. it is unclear how fast the driver was going but neighbors say cars are always speeding around here. this was the scene after the crash around 6:00 last night and one of those children was airlifted by paramedics to a
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nearby hospital. another small child was put into an ambulance and driven to the hospital. the woman was also taken to the hospital by ambulance but we do not have information about their specific injuries. now the car that hit the woman and two kids drove off after the accident and police found it abandoned just up the road but the driver is still on the loose this morning. neighbors are not surprised by this crash. one neighbor said people drive fast a long crest view drive. >> just racing speeding, it is uphill downhill so it causes a straight down. >> reporter: at this point police are not releasing the ages of the mother and two children. they collected the evidence and they took away the damaged bike and the stroller part of the evidence here. they are trying to find the driver of this hit-and-run crash. i did touch base with
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pittsburgh police trying to get an update on their search and investigation and i was told by the dispatcher, they did not have any updates to give me but i was told we could expect more information and as soon as we get it, we will certainly pass it along to you. live in pittsburgh, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police have released a sketch of the man who beat a 74- year-old woman during a home invasion last week. take a look, he is described as a latino man with thin build and light complexion. the attack happened on mahoning drive into san jose. he attacked the woman and her daughter before he ransacked their home. police have discover add woman's body and recovered it from the san lorenzo river. they have not confirmed if the body was that of a missing
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woman who was last seen swimming in the river two two men. authorities are not commenting on the cause of death but an autopsy is planedthis week. -- planned this week. new this morning, last night at a special meeting council appointed 27-year-old jl my rick to replace gary bell. he was replaced because a severe sinus infection has left him in a coma. council voted 4-2 in favor of the replacement. he ran for the seat back in november but he was not among the top choices. >> my life will go in a different direction now and there will be a lot of time this will take and a lot of work this will take but up hopeful and that's why i put my name forward. >> reporter: by appointing him they are saving $2 million for
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a special election but they say voters should decide who the replacement is. this is causing a debate, and janine de la vega is talking about the issue, it is over the town's disowning rules, what is going on? >> reporter: they are on university avenue and there was a town council meeting regarding this gun store. town officials can't close down the store but it can affect how it sells firearms and ammunition in the future. this is video we will go to prior to the town -- at a prior town meeting regarding this company. people are trag there was no prior review prior to its opening in december and they are concerned about its proximity to schools. los gatos does not have any rules but it just follows state and federal laws but now they
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are looking into tightening the policies on the sale of arms. they are requiring identification checks for the sale of ammunition. we spoke to one mother and asked her for her opinion. >> i think federal and state law should get tightened up where they require federal identification checks so i don't think los gatos should have to follow anymore stringent state and federal laws. >> this is video inside. >> reporter: managers are concerned over the future of their business. it took them a year to get regulatory approvals from all government entities to run its business and it insists it was not fast tracked and the store has a lawyer and that lawyer is closely watching how the town council proceeds. one was there at the meeting and the business here is going
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to open up and it's supposed to be business as usual and it opens at 10:00 a.m. but this something they are closely -- but this is something they are closely monitoring. we will try to get more information, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. also this morning, president barack obama is helding meetings -- holding meetings on immigration reform. he is holding a meeting with ceos of major companies. the president wants to get input on immigration reform from all sides. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is in san diego to highlight improvements in border security between u.s. and mexico and secretary of homeland security janet napolitano said the number of people attempting to cross is at a 40 year low. a senate proposal requires it to be tested before it could take affect. happening right now in
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florida, the man accused of killing trayvon martin is in a courtroom. we are live in the courtroom, there are the pictures, george zimmerman, the suspect is facing second-degree murder charges for the death of trayvon martin. his lawyers are asking for a delay in the trial which is scheduled for june 10th. today by the way also would have been ayvon martin's 18th birthday. the prayer vigil was held a little while ago in his memory and later they have an event called banning together for peace against violence and they are asking for a trial delay in the shooting death of trayvon martin which is happening now in florida and we wanted to take you there live, we will keep you posted on what happens. back here at home, a debate over medical marijuana is heating up. supreme court will be hearing
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arguments on whether the government is ban the sale of legalized medical marijuana. they are allowing them to set limits on dispensaries but not outlaw them. meanwhile, president barack obama is making changes to federal law. the legislation some lawmakers are quietly working on will be introduced sometime today. costa, how is the commute there, sal? good morning to you westbound highway 4, traffic here is looking good here in bay point but it is busy driving from antioch to pittsburgh which is nothing unusual and we have not had any problems along that stretch. as i look at the chp list we don't have too much going on. this is the bay bridge toll place a do and those -- bay bridge toll plaza. and if you are driving on the
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peninsular southbound 101 traffic is moderately heavy. let's go to steve. lots of low clouds in place being helped along and a combination of mostly clouds and we do get it looks like a little bit of rain and colder and turning breezy and warmer early saturday. this system does not have much wind and it is already beginning to move in and it's falling apart and it is moving away from its energy source. it may give us a high cloud deck coming in later today so high clouds to start, mr. drizzle is closer to the coast and by this afternoon a cooler air mass comes in low and high clouds are coming in and getting mixed out. it gives you a trend of low clouds in the morning and then comes higher clouds and it washes out and falls apart with
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this system. mainly 40s and a couple of upper 30s and san francisco has 48 degrees and temperatures are mostly to the north and south show a fine line. one front dies off and this one makes it bringing in cold air starting on thursday but today look for a lot of gray skies, could have drizzles here. compared to last week we had an east and north wind. upper 50s to near 60s and 54 in alameda and berkeley. 50s in gilroy, cupertino sunny veil, 53 daily city and san francisco and palo alto. fog sun and cool wednesday cloudy wednesday friday colder with a few scattered showers and windy and cool saturday sunday looks breezy but warmer. time now 6:11, a daytime
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shooting in berkeley, one man is dead, we will have what witnesses saw. mayor ed lee plans on bringing big bucks an events to the city. stay tuned. jwwñ
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news 6:14 is the time. this is video you are looking at. turkey asked nato for the antiaircraft system to help
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defend itself in neighboring syria. 400 u.s. troops are assigned to the u.s. missiles. attorneys with the obama administration write it would be unlawful to kill a u.s. citizen if they determined he was a member of al qaeda who pose add threat to the u.s. they are looking into obama's legal team's view about the killing of u.s. citizens. and they will introduce bills that will change federal marijuana laws. kyla campbell from the washington d.c. newsroom, they got some help, kyla? >> reporter: they are focused on getting use in california and other states. the marijuana policy project worked with lawmakers to come up with the proposals we will hear later today.
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they are hoping to create a federal tax and the other would end federal marijuana prohibition and let states decide their own policies. the measures would require growers obtain a permit and it would be illegal to take marijuana to a state where it's not legal and if these are passed california could vote on the state law the next time they head to the poles. this is the same marijuana policy that helped to amend california's law that used to send marijuana users with three strikes to prison with 25 years and a vote this passed year amended that and i am speaking with the marijuana policy project and we will have more on that next hour. live in washington kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. vice-president joseph biden is in london to meet with joe cameron and the deputy prime minister. there is some video of vice- president joseph biden arriving
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at 10 downing street. the tour is also including france and germany. the ban on gay marriage moves to britain. the parliament is expected to pass a law for same sex marriage despite some tough opposition. many support the church of england's view that marriage should only be between a man and woman and supporters say it is wrong to he can clout colluded somebody -- exclude somebody from marriage simply because they love somebody of the same sex. it happened shortly after 11:00 a.m. no arrests have been made but witnesses reportedly saw several people running from the scene. the victim later died at the hospital and police are withholding his name until all family members can be notified. a plan to redevelop san francisco's market street may
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well affect mission street as well. they are planning on banning buses on mission street and moving them to market street as well. moving buses from mission to market would create a faster commute for bus riders and make things safer for cyclists. the $350 million project is intended to make the area transit corridor and make it more attractive to pedestrians and also tourists. san francisco mayor ed lee would like to see san francisco host the olympic games one day. he is hoping to create a non- profit which is focused on bringing major sporting events. he got the idea for raising money for the america cup race. he is helping ease the transition between bidding and hosting events. meantime, a battle to host super bowl 50.
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super bowl 47's blackout could improve the area's chances and we will explain why. i can't wait to hear that. sal, could you help the folks on highway 24? >> i think i can. specifically on highway 24 in contra costa it is a little bit crowded near the bart station but not all that bad if you are trying to get on the road this morning it will payoff and there will not be any major problems. right here it is backed up for an 8 to 10 minute delay and it has not become any worse than that although as time wears on as we get closer to 7:00 we could see an increase in traffic delays. it is uneventful as you drive to caster valley. it is not all that bad to mauerry and if you are driving to the peninsular and the dumbarton, you are off to a nice start. let's go to steve.
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there is a 70% chance today is national weather man day. a 70% chance. cool cloudy skies, weak system coming in to give a lot of cloud cover and has pushed into low clouds. it is 36 in livermore and 49 in oakland, san rafael ken field 45 and a couple of areas well to the north, but for most they are in the 40s. this front will give us higher clouds later and the combination will give us a mostly cloudy day with a little bit of drizzle. every reporting station says cloudy, cloudy with a westerly breeze in place. 50s on the temperatures or maybe a couple of isolated 60s. a little bit of a break wednesday and a little bit of
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rain and more cold air, sunny breezy and warmer sunday and monday. all right, get ready, the 49ers will do battle in a competition, this one is taking place 100 miles away from san francisco. a close call for two drivers in san rafael, they almost ended up in a cannal. bla -- canal.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 6:24 we have new dramatic pictures of two trucks in a collision. reportedly the red dodge pickup ran a red light and the independent journal said both smashed through a chain link fence, ended up on the side of highway 101 and neither driver was injured. they were worried about a power outage several months before the super bowl. the power outage is still under investigation but tests on the electrical feeder shows decay and chance for failure. now it did not hurt their chances to host super bowls in
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the future. in a little while we will find out if they will host the super bowl. in santa clara, it is on track to open for the 2013 season and they are in a high steaks fight to battle super bowl 50 in 2015. they are scheduled to make their decision on may 21st. >> when they look at all the beauty in the region, we simply cannot be beat. >> they want everybody to know there is no possibility of a super bowl blackout like the one in new orleans. the state of the art facility like the one in santa clara has its own power plant an electrical service. they will battle it out on the links of pebble beach. the 49ers will compete in a charity event in the pro golf
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tournament. pitching stars matt cain and ryan will be there and they did just get back from the super bowl but the 49ers will be represented by dwight clark and harris barton. very neat, that will be great to watch, sal. >> i do think they will square off against some giants for charity. >> yes, they were just talking about it on at&t. >> sorry, i was not paying attention to that, i was watching traffic. i was doing my job. traffic is moving along well on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 and just checking out the list, we don't have a lot in the south bay but this one just popped up. southbound on winchester boulevard, a brand-new crash, we will let you know, it is brand-new. that traffic looks good heading to the bottom of the hill with
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no major problems and we will have another update in just a few minutes. 267 -- 6:27 let's go to steve. people are saying what is the deal with this fog and it is only february but it is back. there is a big fog bank and it will be a mostly cloudy day, highs only in the 50s and some of these are in san francisco. 53, pam. wow. >> not bad. thank you steve. coming up on 6:30, the search continues for a hit-and- run driver who hit a mother and her two children while crossing the street, neighbors talk about why they are not surprised. and the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. we will tell you the reason the s&p 500 is getting sued over the financial crisis. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, there is a lot of big news to talk about, just getting word tell has a -- del has agreed to be bought out and the s&p 500 is being sued by the federal government accusing it of fraud during the financial crisis related to risky mortgages and bonds that brought about the financial crisis more on that coming up. we will say good morning and thank you for joining us tuesday february 5th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, pam cook, time now 6:30. >> police have just made an arrest involving a mother and her children on a hit-and-run driver. alex has more details on this arrest, what do you know? >> reporter: well, dave, we
6:33 am
just received word from the pittsburgh police that they indeed arrested the driver involved in this hit-and-run crash. the arrest was made apparently shortly after the crash took place. a woman and her two children were in this crosswalk on crest view drive when a car just slammed into them. and that car drove off after the crash, we have video of one of those injured children who was airlifted by paramedics to the hospital. another small child was put into an ambulance and driven to the hospital and a woman who was injured was also transported by ambulance. police have not given us much information on the specific injuries but we saw one of the kid's bikes was at the scene and it was so knew there was a tag still on it and a small stroller for the child. police found the car abandoned
6:34 am
nearby and last night they did take the person they believe was driving that car into custody police have not said how fast the car was going but one neighbor said speeding is a big problem in this area. >> i am so sad to hear about it but i am really not surprised because of that street, people go on it really fast. they driveway too fast on that street and there is an elementary school just a few blocks up the road and there is kids all the time. >> reporter: at this point pittsburgh police have not released the ages of the woman and the kids hurt in this crash. investigators are working at this point obviously on figuring out and piecing together exactly what took place but they found the car that was involved and last night they did make an arrest. we are working to get more information on this driver that was taken into custody and obviously we are in touch with pittsburgh police and we hope to have more information on this person and how exactly they took him into custody
6:35 am
throughout the morning here on mornings on 2, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in vallejo are investigating the first homicide of the year. a man shot several times was found. no suspects have been arrested at this time. anybody with of information is asked to call police. and they are planning a vigil for a little girl 13-year- old who was killed and a memorial continues to grow. police say she was strangled and counselors are helping to help children deal with the grieve caused by this murder. authorities stormed the bunker yesterday afternoon and rescued the five-year-old who was kidnapped by jimmy lee dykes and during that operation they shot and killed 55-year-
6:36 am
old jimmy lee dykes. the little boy spent the night with his family in the hospital and he was in good spirits. >> he is laughing joking playing eating, the things that you would expect a normal 5 to 6-year-old young man to do. >> he is actually about to turn six years old and authorities said jimmy lee dykes snatched the little boy from a school bus last tuesday and shot and killed the bus driver. a bomb squad is checking out his property for possible explosive devices. the federal administration is requiring boeing to run new test flights on the dreamliner jet. all 787s are grounded after battery fires last month. they are looking into whether lithium batteries work just to
6:37 am
get to the cause of problems. they say the landings showed the same problems the dreamliner had on ewhile on the ground -- while on the ground in boston. bay area prices for gas are nearly $3.90 per gallon and they are near $4 in parts of southern california. done expect the prices to go down -- don't expect the prices to go down and some refineries are turning to cleaner summer blend gas and that could lead to decreases in short-term supply. there is some of the worst traffic in the country and joining us now to explain where san francisco ranks and why traffic may be getting worse. >> reporter: there is nothing more frustrating than sitting in traffic and this is 582 livermore and people who drive here are definitely used to it.
6:38 am
how did we do? san francisco ranked third on the list in america according to a new study by the texas transportation institute. americans allow for an hour of driving time on a trip that would only take 20 minutes with no traffic. let's look at the cities that topped it, the washington d.c. area came in 4th for the third year in a row and atlanta chicago and philadelphia. they found traffic ridden cities spent 5.5 billion extra hours sitting in traffic and they bought an additional $8 billion worth of gas. now for each driver that translates to more than $800 waisted in time and gas money for 2011, not to mention the pollution generated by all the
6:39 am
gridlock. where is the silverling? heavy traffic is a sign that the economy is rebounding. they say you can't expect the traffic to get -- you can expect the traffic to get worse. now coming up we will tell you about what city has the least amount of congestion and we will tell you, it is not anywhere in the state of california. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, well our time is now 6:37, let's check on traffic. >> i don't think anything goes well with that color. now that we have cleared that up let's take a look at the commute and we are talking about the traffic and i know you probably heard that report and said it is bad. today on 880 westbound, it is a little bit slow coming from richmond to berkeley and the drive time on the bay bridge
6:40 am
plaza is up to about 12 minutes and then if you are counting another 8 to 10 minutes on the bridge, so we are looking at the better part of the hour unless you are using the carpool lane by the way we checked with bart and bart is moving along well in and out of the city. 580 traffic is busy and this traffic time between hayward and fremont is remaining steady from 238 to howry -- mauerry avenue. it is 6:38 let's go to steve. there are a lot of low clouds in place and higher clouds are coming in later. low clouds are lifting and it is more coastal low clouds. already a couple of people are on the coast and they are saying what is going on with this fog and come on now, it is only february. it is a little bitterly for
6:41 am
this fog and water temperatures have dropped very fast. youd a cold front which -- youd a cold front -- youd a cold front and when they bow like that, it means they are done. they have no chance. it is getting more in the way of clouds than fog but a mostly cloudy day to max things out. cloudy forecast and it is showing a little more of a break because low cloud deck is hard pressed to burn off and it is 46 in livermore, 48 in san francisco. oakland 49. san jose napa, a lot of 40s and 30s to the north. one system does make it but this one coming out of the gulf of a alaska will show more rain and there is nothing behind that except wind and sunny and warmer weather by next week.
6:42 am
some local drizzle, 50s on the temperatures and upper 50s for a few. 160 in brentwood, 60 in gilroy, 56 santa clara and san jose. 53 passive can, half-moon bay. a little bit of a break, then cloudy thursday into friday with some light rain, windy and cool, sunny and breezy sunday. the 49ers quest came just a couple of yards short and in just a couple of hours, they will be clearing out their lockers at their headquarters. yesterday, hundreds of loyal fans were out there when the buses pulled into santa clara. they came back to new orleans after an incredible game in the super bowl but it ended in a heartbreaking loss.
6:43 am
>> we need to let them know we support them win loose or tie. >> we still have to support, it shows who the real fans are. >> well, 49ers are due to clear out their lockers this morning and then they will be gathering for their last team meetings before they hold their last conference of the season but there is a consolation prize for you fans. >> congratulations san francisco, you may not be getting a trophy but you will be getting a cup of chocolate pudding. >> the first giveaway will be on sutter and sampson streets between sutter and civic center bart station. and china town gates will be given out at 930 this morning.
6:44 am
-- 9:30 this morning and also pudding will be given out on whom barred at 12:30 this afternoon. >> one viewer is asking if bill cosby is giving out the pudding. lucky to be alive, i think you will all agree when you see the dramatic crash all caught on camera. live in los gatos, they can't seem to stop attracting controversy. we will explain what it's all about and we will tell you what it has prompted the town council to do. it looks like we have slow traffic coming through and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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. good morning, a little break in cloud cover, mostly cloudy day, mainly 50s on temperatures. good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you, we are breaking news police in the east bay have made an arrest in the crash that injured a mother and her two children last night. it happened on crest view drive in pittsburgh. alex savage has been on this all morning and he will have more information coming up in
6:48 am
15 minutes on mornings on 2. there is a new traffic study out which finds that the san francisco area made the top three of the most congested areas in america. washington d.c. was named number one. and today the california supreme court will hear arguments on whether they can ban retail medical marijuana dispensaries and congress is considering proposals to change the federal marijuana laws. and a dramatic high speed crash involving a woman driving a stolen jeep and it was all caught on camera. it happened at noon at the intersection of foot hill boulevard and 36th avenue. surveillance video shows the woman narrowly missing a pedestrian after colliding with another car. >> that man was the luckiest man in oakland today. >> reporter: the driver of the stolen jeep died at the scene and police say the jeep had
6:49 am
been stolen from a nearby driveway. the driver of the other car was not seriously hurt. controversy continues over a recently opened gun shop in los gatos. here is more on the current disowning and permit rules. >> reporter: this is a flier from last night's meeting. it says a gun shop, how did this happen? well hundreds of people showed up here on university avenue to discuss whether or not there should be stricter gun policies in los gatos. you are looking at a private meeting and people are outraged there was no public review in december. they are also concerned about the proximity to schools involving gun sales. now the town council is deciding whether to tight end on firearms -- tighten laws on
6:50 am
firearms. and whether to designate what land is appropriate for selling guns. we spoke to one mother who has explained why this issue has people fired up. >> with sandy hook, just a short while ago, yes, everyone is passionate about it and worried, they don't want anything to happen to their kids and yes, i can definitely understand that. >> this is video and managers are concerned over their business. it took them a year to get a regulatory application and approval to run its business. it says it was not fast tracked and their lawyer is closely watching how the town council proceeds. it is supposed to be business as usual and i have already reached out to the lawyer in an e-mail and we are hoping they respond to us. we are also trying to get in touch with us with members of
6:51 am
the town council an opportunity manager regarding this. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:49 how much do you hate potholes. expensive car repairs has a lot of east oakland drivers angry. neighbors say the city of oakland and pg&e have filled in and patched up the blacktop, but it's not enough. the city of oakland holds a yearly pothole blitz repairing thousands of potholes out there and we called to find out what is being done in this particular neighborhood and so far public works has not returned our call to respond. let's check in on traffic, sal? right now we are looking at san francisco and northbound 101 and incase you are wondering what it is like getting into the downtown area it's more crowded but it's not stop and go. drive times are relatively low
6:52 am
and they are the same they were an hour ago but that's not the case at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is about 14 minutes before you make it on to the span. in livermore it is busy and it gets better at caster valley and from hayward to fremont that traffic is moderate. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy out there, a couple of breaks but not too much. low clouds and higher clouds coming in a combination of the two will give us a cool day here. they are moving from mendocino to the north bay and they are pushing in the lower clouds. it is a weak system and it may give us some drizzle and it has lifted that fog. san pablo is breezy out to the delta and it is 22 miles per hour and it's an on shore wind and temperatures are mainly in the 40s. this system will not make it but the system on thursday and
6:53 am
friday will and we will get some rain out of it. today mostly cloudy, it is a pretty good sized fog bank and a westerly breeze is in place and that means temperatures are hard pressed to warm up. in the bay upper 50s to lower 60s but a mostly cloudy day. here comes that next system for thursday / friday, i think you will notice we can use the rain. saturday cool and sunday breezy and a little warmer. the new phone was unveiled in new york last month but they have not finished doing tests on the upgraded blackberry. sales in the uk so far are pretty good >> >> checking in on the numbers, a bit of a rebound after the sell off, dow jones industrial average is up 1,300 points,
6:54 am
nasdaq also up and the s&p 500 is back above that 1,500 mark. budweiser was overwhelmed by the amount of people offering names, 16,000 people submitted entries some suggested bud and barly and in the end, they chose hope for the young horse. jose is being given to another clydes dale. do you want a free pancake breakfast this morning? we will tell you how to get it while you help a good cause at the same time. plus unbelievable pictures with a close call with a whale, why the people on the boat are lucky to be alive.
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6:57 am
. time now 6:55 happening right now in baltimore maryland, there is a parade for the new super bowl champions, these are live pictures and thousands of fans are out there for the parade. the parade starts at city hall and ends at the stadium.
6:58 am
it was a nail biting game final score, 34-31, here are the live pictures from baltimore. a whale crashed into a fishing boat and it was caught on camera. >> it was absolutely mind blowing breathtaking, it was just a brilliant sight. >> reporter: look at that, the boat almost sank a mile off the coast of mexico. the boat was slightly damaged, luckily nobody was hurt. that whale we are told is also doing okay. there are plans for a fast- food restaurant in sonoma county. amy's kitchen just bought the land to open a drive through in roaner park. they want to use produce from local growers in the food it serves. they will start serving free pancakes and this is new video from the restaurant in santa clara. i-hop is inviting customers to share in a short stack and in
6:59 am
exchange they are hoping for donations which includes oakland's hospital. >> you will have to wait for a short stack but we will get it to you. >> the restaurant hopes to match last year's $3 million total for donations. pancakes will be given out until 10:00 a.m. this morning. coming up on mornings on 2, we will check out the toll plaza and that's one of the biggest commutes about a 17 minute wait here. also looking at the east bay and the traffic here between hayward and mauerry, let's go to steve. there is a lot of low clouds in place and lower clouds will be replaced and you can see that system is falling apart. we will look into the extended forecast coming up on mornings on 2. in the east bay pittsburgh police have

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